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On device

I had previously phlogged[0] about my regret about buying yet another device (the RCA Viking 10). Well, the regret grew as I failed multiple times to acquire root on the device. So I gave it to my daughter, Lucille who loves it (after a factory reset).

I still wanted a rooted android tablet to install Linux Deploy and Arch Linux via chroot on. So this time I did my homework and bought a Nextbook 8A. This $60 8" tablet was slow as mollasses out of the box. After rooting (which involved flashing a ROM and TWRP backup from a dissimilar version of the device, it is peppy AF. I am typing this in nano (because I never fixed my keybindings in vim on SDF -- vim is the true editor) via ssh, via tor, in roxterm on chroot'd Arch on android, while laying in bed.

I have removed the bulk of GAPPS on this device, and have installed only f-droid, KISS launcher, linux deploy, vnc, a terminal app, orbot, and blurred lines because it is cool. The only web browser on the device runs in arch. Orbot is setup to vpn the entire device and check.torproject from in linux says I am on tor, and I am able to hit onions. Pretty slick.

I think I am done buying for a bit. I have pacman'd some dev tools on this tablet and am planning on using it to nerd out... I do need a decent bluetooth keyboard, something mini... shit I am hopeless.

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