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On a ~$65 Linux box

I wrote on 20171104[0] that I bought a Nextbook Ares 8A Android tablet from WalMart on the cheap. It is an intel based tablet and is rootable. I have installed a 32gb uSD card and via a $5 app partitioned and formatted it as ext4. On this I used the Linux Deploy app to install a chroot of Arch Linux. I installed my current list of needed basics - vim, lynx, tmux, gimp, roxterm, cloned my git of my personal dwm, surf, dmenu, git... configured key based ssh to rpod. I am left with an extremely inexpensive, touch screen having, light weight linux box. I have most of the android system apps removed and have installed very few apps. For example, surf is the only browser on this device. Still on the list - a game controller formfactor bluetooth keyboard. It is very usable with 'hacker keyboard' from the fdroid store.

So far I am digging this...

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