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On some todos for RPoD

  • Identify all type 1 and 0 local links with nonstatic content and generate atom feeds
    • sitelog is the first obvious candidate
    • FilesOfInterest and DocumentStore are also on the list
      • Possibly these two should actually be combined into just the DocumentStore...
  • Get off my ass and implement a crontab driven rsync backup of RPoD to the external drive
    • seriously, why haven't I done this?
    • possibly rsync RPoD
    • the external drive to my 256GB thumb drive... gonna think on this
    • maybe a third Raspberry Pi (Pi Zero this time?) to act soley as a backup device?
  • Fully migrate all music by me into gopherspace. This is primarily for control. Bandcamp is pretty stable, but I would prefer to have a full hierarchical local copy of my discography, it was a lot of work after all...
  • Reorganize and streamine the layout of the main gophermap.
    • How long do I want it to be?
    • is this an issue? I enjoy Papa Grex's long scrolling layout, but tx's minimalism is pretty sweet... this will likely continue to be an organic endeavor.
  • Identify more sources of content to import into gopherspace

    • I am a big fan of the HackerNews[0] gopherspace
    • MetaFilter's[1] blatent liberal slant turns me off
    • I feel the same about slashdot (which I stopped visiting sometime around 1999 or so) my slashdot2gopher[2] page is pretty halfhearted in any case (lynx dump)
    • I live in the console, so this is more about a personal search than building the RPoD gopherhole
  • [0]gopher://hngopher.com/1/

  • [1]gopher://gopher.metafilter.com/1/MetaFilter
  • [2]gopher://gopher.leveck.us/0/cgi-bin/slashdot-txt

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