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Computer Inventory

My currently owned devices

  • Lenovo Thinkpad x201 running FreeBSD (primary PC)
  • HP Stream 14 running Linux Mint (thinking of giving this to my wife)
  • Apple iPad Pro running iOS 10.3.2 (primary tablet)
  • Nextbook Ares 8A running Android 6 and ArchLinux
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 running Cyanogenmod 12
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (4) running Android 5 (daily driver)
  • Palm Lifedrive
  • Palm T|X
  • HP 95lx
  • HP 200lx
  • HP Omnibook 530 running some tiny Linux
  • HP Omnibook 800ct running Debian 4
  • Raspberry Pi3 - Raspberry Pi of Death running Raspbian
  • Raspberry Pi3 - Raspberry Pi of Perdition running Raspbian
  • Raspberry Pi3 - Raspberry Pi of Justice running FreeBSD
  • Raspberry Pi3 - Raspberry Pi of Anguish not currently running
  • Kindle Touch (jailbroken)
  • Kindle 2

I would like to do some hacking/modding on the palm t|x as it is pretty much useless as it does not support WPA2. The palm lifedrive is just so bulky that I do not want to use it. I really wish I still had my palm m130. It was my favorite color palm. The trg pro was my favorite green / black palm.

After reading about tinywm (sorry, no ref) I have my curiosity piqued I'll install it on my thinkpad and give it a test drive, screw with the code some... after the gutenberg project -- must stay on track!

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