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On SDF, Also Music


As most of you know, "=/cgi-bin/app" syntax on gopher.club stopped working yesterday. So I changed to a static gophermap temporarily. This morning it is back to normal. I think I will have my phlog script generate static gophermaps for sdf and RPoD instead of relying on cgi. I am only going to do this for the primary gophermap, still using cgi for the "archives" links. Maybe a one liner added to the phlog script, something like:

gopher/cgi-bin/pdd-ark > gopher/gophermap

Yep, that'll do the trick...

This afternoon, I have a couple friends coming over to make music. Yesterday I (finally!) cleaned my studio. I have four amps set up and cables ran. I added a percpad to my drum kit. I spaced 4 mics around the room running to my quad interface to capture the occasion. I think I'll also record it to cassette tape. We are planning on starting a project but all of us have decided to be clean slates. No preconceptions coming in. At all. We have not even decided what type of music we will play. It will evolve and mutate on its own. The only thing we have decided so far is to use my instruments. I have a lot of kit. Drums, basses, guitars, woodwinds, accordion, harmonicas, hurdy gurdy, autoharp, violins, mandolins, mbiras, saxophone, etc. Less carrying to just come to my house... Today is going to be rad AF.

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