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I purchased the Tunnels & Trolls[0] original 1975 rule-book reprint[1] and the Adventurers Compendium[2] as pdf files. The decision was made because of solitaire play. In addition, many solo adventure pdfs are available for free. Played solo, it's a cross between RPG and choose your own adventure. You can also play T&T with other people as a straight up RPG.

I played my first solo adventure tonight after creating a character (an elf rogue). T&T only uses d6's, I used the rolldice script[3] I found on the net to simulate these. It was enjoyable, but I need to learn the combat system. That part made me feel a little lost (I've never played RPGs before). I feel confident that the algorithm could be scripted to feed off the roll dice script, but it seems to me that may lessen enjoyment... I should likely buy some dice.


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