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On the ice age RPG project


I have, from the inception of my looking into playing table top RPGs, wanted to set my gaming in the last ice age (the Pleistocene). I have been researching the era. Reading thesis and treatise on the topic. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do... Last night I stumbled onto a game called Wurm[0] which is set in that time. I bought the PDF and today printed it out duplex, in color, with thermal laminated cardstock covers. The plan now is to stick with plan A (Tunnels and Trolls as the system [leaning towards cutting out magic], adding the political element, playing solo, my research continues, etc.), but to utilize content from Wurm such as the section on animals. I am also looking for nice hex maps of France and Germany (preferably as PDFs but whatever I can find is fine) if anyone knows where I could acquire something like that. Feeling pretty stoked about this endeavor. I find that in my off time the subject matter is quite compelling to me, and I am enjoying myself.


  • [0]https://rpggeek.com/thread/1466226/wurm-prehistoric-roleplaying-game-kickstarter

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