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By N. Leveck

On False-Flag Ops and the Solar Eclipse

This "white nationalist" vs the left bullshit that everyone is talking about is a fabrication. The main actor on the "alt-right" side went to the same ritzy school as the governor, and he is an Obama supporter. There were advertisements weeks in advance paying $25/hour for protesters. Both sides are a sham. Do not fall for it. --more--

As for the eclipse, here in Wyoming we are expecting > 400,000 people, conservatively, to come into the state to view the spectacle. We have ~550,000 people that live here, and we are not setup for such an influx. I look forward to it being over, at least I will be working on the 21st, instead of trying to get anywhere on the road. Highways are being changed to one-way ony, semi-truck over-weight permits are not being issued August 20-22, 2017 to limit truck taffic. Hotels are booked solid and charging outrageous prices. Fuel stations and restaurants have also jacked up their prices.

Light-dark-light, go the fuck home.

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