Raspberry Pi of Death Blog

By N. Leveck

OmniBook Project Update

Purchased a 3Com wired NIC for the OmniBook 530 only to find that the Internet was wrong about it working on the OB530... Bonjour! The PCMCIA system on this laptop is not standard. So instead of continuing to screw with it, I have purchased an OmniBook 800CT. The 800CT is a Pentium 133MHz laptop upgraded to 32MB of RAM and has fully compliant PCMCIA. I have a WiFi card coming and a PCMCIA flash drive with the Windows 98SE install CD copied to it. I intend on upgrading Win95 (what it is coming with) to Win98 to get the Wifi to work. Then download a Linux distro to it. I have two 8GB PCMCIA cards laying around, So I will be able to keep the Win98se install intact if needed.

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