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More on the Eclipse and Why CSS Ruins the Web

So, the eclipse happened today. In my town we had 96% sun coverage. I snapped some photos with my work phone (an iPhone 5S) thru a pair of eclipse viewing glasses and was able to capture the corona several times. Now to get the tourists to leave Wyoming...

I have been forming the opinion that CSS has ruined the web. The reason why is this: CSS lets you place text on the screen in a manner inconsistent with its position in the source file. Therefore if you are using a text browser is looks pretty bad. Throw in some menus that are actually

  • tags and you have a shitshow. I need to redo my sites, for I am of course part of the problem...

    CSS is neat, sexy, able to give people the impression that they are on a professional website. Sleek and simple navigation, tasteful color combinations, themable and easy to integrate with the social media of your choice.

    I hit voat.co today using Lynx via SSH and fucking A is it an eyesore. Also, why do sites want to deliver their visitors to the evil empire by using captcha?

    I shall repent. My sites shall be eventually clean. I am sorry for what I have done...

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