Raspberry Pi of Death Blog

By N. Leveck


RPoD experienced major drive corruption tonight after connection of an old 1tb NTFS drive. I do not know if I will be able to restore it. If not, I can rewrite what I do not have backups of. There is going to be a little downtime.

UPDATE: so, I thought it was drive corruption because of errors that it was throwing via ssh just before it dropped off the network. I wrote the phlog entry while it was still plugged in. When I climbed the ladder & got RPoD from where it lived on top of a living room bookshelf, it became readily apparent that the strong electrical smell meant something else entirely. RPoD is dead. I stuck the drive into my laptop (just bought today, no longer just an iPad guy), and the card is readable and all data is intact. I am copying it to RPoP (the other pi) as I type this. I just need to install gopernicus and stick it into the DMZ of my router. I have already purchased another pi, it will be named RPoD2 and will arrive Monday.

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