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On Archives

Just have to say, very much enjoying reading the redhill.net.nz gopherhole. The person who runs it has to be a fastidious collector. It makes me think: I was an early adopter of pinboard due to some disagreement with deli.cio.us, and have been adding bookmarks there for years. I have saved nothing. No files on my drives, things I am interested in have been at the mercy of the web. Companies come and go, disproving time and again the popular addage, "the web is forever, whatever you put there is now out there." Yeah, well try to find some of it. Someone, somewhere may have a copy saved, but they are not sharing and you do not know them. From now on I will strive to be that guy. (more after the fold) --more--

I have purchased a 256GB thumb drive based upon my storage needs, current draw, speed performance, and brand quality for use in RPoD. This will become my archive. It will be regularly backed up to a 1TB external drive over my network (I will not plug a large power hungry drive in to a Raspberry Pi again after the death of the original RPoD).

I was playing with OwnCloud as a means to shuffle files around between devices. I now think that this was an overly-complex way to do things. I already have sFTP, SSH, samba, etc. There are client apps for damn near every protocol on damn near every OS and device. All I need to do it plug in the drive, configure my fstab and go. My laptop, for example, mounts the root of RPoD r/w via SSH.

In other news - today I downloaded my Facebook archive after ignoring it for over a month. I then started the fourteen day(!) process of permanently deleting my FB account. Feels good. Once I get the BATD (Big Ass Thumb Drive), I will verify my 231GB backup of my Google Drive (not all that data is worth keeping) then I can delete that account too. Take your data back!

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