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By N. Leveck

On the dream setup

In a recent Solderpunk phlog0 he speaks of his dream computing setup. It is a lifetime PC, one that is garaunteed to be supported for your lifetime.

It made me think -- what's mine? Something that stays usable such as he spoke of is very appealing. What strikes me, however is speed. PCs I was happy with years ago all seem so slow now. When I was setting up my Omnibook 800ct recently, that Pentium 133MHz machine seemed to crawl. So to be happy, it needs to be fast. Something that would last a lifetime would also need vast amounts of storage. Looking just at music files... they alone would eat up any existing drives. I am not a streamer, I like to "own" the files.

I read a series of books (The 30,000BC Chronicles) recently about a team of people sent back in time to 32,000 years ago. They had laptops with tiny reactors in them that lasted pretty much indefinitly and enough storage to record nonstop video and audio, plus have the archives of planetary music, film, books, etc. Their starting point was a few hundred years into our future, so the suspension of disbelief was easier. Anyways -- this power source combined with that storage, wrapped into a light sexy form-factor would be my dream setup.

Although, how much black metal does one really need on a laptop? Typically, the answer is a bit more...

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