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On Asceticism

SolderPunk made an in-depth reply0 to my reply. I appreciate that!

The hybrid-timeline life is exactly how I see things in my fantasy. I think having children has, for me at least, put a damper on this. My youngest is 11, so being an empty-nester is coming fast. Talking the missus into seriously considering this type of life would not be hard, knowing her very well. Selling my over-valued Wyoming house and plot of land should present us with a nice chunk of change to invest in something smaller and more remote.

I also agree in voluntarily using technology that more aligns with one's sensibilities. For example, I am typing this on my Arch Linux laptop in an x-term tiled in DWM which I have modified the source of manually, running on a minimum spec low cost laptop (which runs very fast under this combination of software), SSH'd into a SDF, utilizing an open-source text editor. I shun government entangled social media, and am very wary of speaking my mind online. This is not paranoia, I have long since adopted the old-man dictum of "it's no-one's business." This has also recently caused my public music production attached to my real name to drop off to nothing. I do not watch TV or Film. I do not listen to popular music. I read a lot, yet not best-sellers. I am also not a purposeful hipster -- I do not associate with a circle of persons I seak approval from for these activities and choices.

I see indoctrination everywhere. I see agenda in everything anyone says. I see a influencing purpose living behind every screen, behind each sentence in a book. Conscious digestion based upon my own body of gathered data and a disciminating sense of what I wish to absorb. Of what is likely truth versus what is not -- and the realization that I may be wrong, and likely never find out if I am.

Even without a change of venue to the proverbial cabin in the woods, my life is very much in that vein already. I am a voluntary shutin. I have very little interaction in meat-space with persons not of my immediate family. The missing step is very much what SolderPunk listed: the material. Of being dependant upon consumer society for my continued existence. Of working my life away to squander the actual weath I have accumulated (eg. not money created of fractional reserve means, but created as a result of my personal labor, no, my time -- time I shall not have returned to me). That is the ultimate attraction. If there was a place to set up where one could build their own house, and be free of property taxes and having to sell one-self into wage slavery, ahhh the beauty... but as the vast majority of the entire planet is owned this ship has long since sailed.

On a completely unrelated note. I completely convinced that One of these Nights1 by the Greek band Sad is a perfectly executed song. It is one that I compelled to give a second listening to after it completes. Makes me want to pick up one of my guitars...

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