Raspberry Pi of Death Blog

By N. Leveck

On RPoD Phlog

So, my phlog was looking a bit messy. I was using slerm (awesome bit of software), but not using it well. The ability to put a blurb "above the fold" is baked in, but I never remembered to use it. After surfing phlogs for a bit, I realized I like the clean look of a file listing. I also wanted to display the titles.

So I wrote a one line hack called pdd using ls, awk, and head to produce a reverse chronilogically sorted phlog file listing complete with titles in gophermap format. https://leveck.us/gopher/?url=gopher://sdf.org/1/users/jynx, https://leveck.us/gopher/?url=gopher://sdf.org/1/users/jynx/phlog, and https://leveck.us/gopher/?url=gopher://sdf.org/1/users/jynx/cgi-bin/slerm.cgi all now point to the pdd output. This is due to SDF, Bongusta, and RPoD's own gophermap each pointing to a different location for the phlog. So, all links are preserved. Links to my previous slerm based postings will degrade into displaying the complete listing, but at least it won't be a selector not found error.

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