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By N. Leveck

On sustainable hobbies

In recent phlog posts by Solderpunk0 and Zelibertinegamer1 the simplification discussion was furthered. I could definitely do with some decluttering in my life. I have an abundance of stuff I can do without. In February of 2005, I moved from El Paso, Texas to Wyoming with only what fit in my 2001 Dodge Stratus. Now I have a house full of shit I do not use. I will think about what I can do to eliminate some of this life-detritus...

On the hobby front -- I keep thinking of sludge/doom metal riffs, with harmonica. Something like what I did on the Cavernlord full-length2 (recently featured in a blog entry by Bandcamp corporate 3). Something in the vein of Good Morning Little Schoolgirl from the Dead's first album, but heavier, more distorted, plus live room reverb on the drums ala John Bonham recording in that manor house stairwell. Although a new Sandwich Full Of Fuck4 demo is about due also...

Decluttering my music room / studio will make it much easier to use. I have instruments on every surface -- banjo, guitars, hurdy gurdy, accordian, keyboards... there is a path to my drum kit. I have been avoiding that room.

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