Raspberry Pi of Death Blog

By N. Leveck

On resonance

I love tiny resonances. Recorded a tune yesterday (still sans vocals) wherein the opening part is played on my 12 string accoustic / electric. It sounds vaguely saxophonesque in the recording. As I do own a sax, I toyed with the posibility of recording a saxophone part... in the end I decided not to as the project in question just doesn't require that. Speaking of resonance, my favorite chord of all time (in shitty ASCII mini tab form): o79xxx. Played with about 9 on the gain and 6ish on the reverb, extra credit if played thru a synth pedal.

I set a personal goal of recording one song per days off (I have five days off at a whack), and plan on releasing a new cavernlord album sometime in spring 2018. Then I sorta fucked that up by recording three tracks these days off. The compromise is not allowing myself to record vocals or even think of lyrics for the 2 extras yet. Fairly certain no one in gopherspace is on my musical wavelength. C'est la vie, it will have plenty of listeners once released.

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