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On site updating (some more)

I have been absorbing the on going gopher simplification thread going around gopherspace. I am at work at the moment so I do not really have time to dig up the ref's but logout was the last one I read. I agree with the sentiment. I think that I will maintain a middle road approach to this. I have destroyed superfluous blocks of text on my main, mySQL generated gophermap. I will have the on going task of hunting down more (floodgap shows gopher.leveck.us as having 59426 selectors, far from the biggest, but not small by any count) and eliminating them. Speaking of logout: I love the look of justified text. I am adding the goal of writing my own tool to do the same...

Music: as I spend this day in my office working on a corporate sharepoint site (yeah), I am listening the the Salt Lake City band Gallowbraid. If you like melodic metal, give them a try.

Other projects: I think I am going to buy another Raspberry Pi and experiment with BSD and some other items... will BSD run on Arm? I will find out.

UPDATE: so, freebsd is puported to work, but wifi is not supported, then I saw Plan9 for Raspberry Pi... I have wanted to play with that for a long time. looks super easy to install too.

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