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By N. Leveck

On the coming new RPi

I have ordered a new Raspberry Pi, to be named 'Raspberry Pi of Judgement' or RPoJ for short. I was pretty stoked about trying Plan9 on the Pi, but alas I live in text mode. Mandatory GUI and mouse use are a deal breaker. Dammit. The tenents of Plan9 and rio that are nongraphical, like type anywhere and run commands could be pulled off in text. Something like that would easily turn into a complete clusterfuck, though... such a fine line between awesome and not.

But, there is a nice FreeBSD image available from raspbsd.org0. My plan is no GUI at all. I will need to research VPN and or router config to be able to hit it from outside my home. RPoD is in the DMZ and my router allows only one. Can DMZ and NAT coexist? These noob sounding questions are something I have not ever had to find out. Back in the 1990s/2000s I had a block of static IPs and a router. So I had no reason for this config. After that I worked so many hours a day (16-22) that I had no want to screw with computers in my off time.

Side note: in vim text justification can be accomplished using par. So in .vimrc, add the line: set formatprg=par\ jw70. The in each paragraph issue the vim command gqG and voila. It screws up URL references, but just yank them out of the way first and paste them back :)

UPDATE: yeah, not each paragraph, does the whole file... I modified my phlog script to use a second file for ref's and cat them together.

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