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By N. Leveck

On the beauty of Unix

I have been on a binge. The third Raspberry Pi (the Raspberry Pi of Judgement) has been received, FreeBSD imaged onto the uSD card, setup and configured. I am using this as my main PC, console only and accessible only from SSH as it is a headless system. There was a bit of a curve as I am very used to Linux and BSD is its own animal indeed. I have been playing with scim for spreadsheets, digging deeper into vim for all types of documents, vanilla markdown for formatting (may delve into other flavors, what is your favorite markdown? shoot my a mssage leveck@leveck.us or write a phlog reply), mutt for email (am I the only guy with an x-face header?), lynx for surfing, newsbeuter for feeds, slrn for usenet, tmux everywhere because it is rad... what software not listed do you find useful?

A friend has an extra 3.5" touchscreen RPi case, so I may buy a 4th Pi and set it up as some sort of network monitor or something. I am still waiting for my math textbook to start on my sliderule oddessy. I may dive into my Go Hard, Go Deep C programming goal. All in all I have things to keep me occupied.

The sexiness of the console has me giddy. I have always found myself configuring X11 and well, since it's there, point/click... enforcing no GUI for the past few months has increased my attention span and taught me a lot. Even on my first Linux install back in 1998 I had X. I did have a console only toy installation of Slackware on a mid 90s Toshiba "laptop" back then, but I never used it for anything serious. I feel like a lot of time has been wasted finding nonoptimal solutions to things.

UPDATE: HOLY SHIT!!! Gnu stow + git... why did I not do this before with my dotfiles!? This is so damn rad!

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