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By N. Leveck

On backups

So, I recently started using gnu stow. Fantastic software. I used it on my dotfiles and also turned my stow directory into a git repo on my gogs server. Yesterday this saved my ass. I had a core dump on a project I was working on and typed rm * core instead of rm *core. I merely reinvoked stow and got all my stuff back. So rad.

Speaking of git, I am thinking I want to turn /var/www/html and /var/gopher into git repos. I am pretty sure this is a thing that is done as it makes sense. Any reasons I should not do this? What about the cockamamey scheme of mv'ing those directories elsewhere, turning them into git repos, and stowing them back to var? At some level of nerd, I may have just become arroused...

Also added my curl/html2text/perl/less www reader q to the software projects section. I am very happily using q with ridi feed reader. If I need to engage with hyperlinks, I will use lynx, but for consuming prose content q does the job fast and looks pleasant.

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