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Phlog replies (pet84rik, tfurrows, slugmax, tomasino)

Pet84rik writes of his personal journey towards opensource OSs and software and a new laptop0. I wish him well in his endeavors and truly look forward to reading the updates on this. There is a ~50 year mountain of interesting things all piled up waiting to explore. Let the fun begin.

Tfurrows writes of leaving Facebook in the face of family opposition1. I wish you well in convincing your wife of the validity of your position. I know several people in your position where I live that due to the feelings of a spouse or parent hold on to their social media accounts. You have performed a large portion of the task already. To be realistic, even people such as myself who have completely deleted their Facebook and Twitter accounts -- the personal data is still very much alive on the servers in question. The facial recognition data is definitely still intact, and inferences about our lives are still made thru the accounts of others. You have essentially already reached your goal, as our real personal relationships are most important.

Slugmax writes of gophernicus script execution using the = operator in a gophermap2. The nugget I learned from this post was the finger server on graph.no. That is pretty damned sweet, and very useful. I have an alias setup now for local weather. Thanks for spreading that!

Tomasino wrote of Goodreads rss3. After reading this post the day it came out, I made a Goodreads account and imported my amazon purchases dating back many years. It was pretty neat loking thru my ~200 or so books that amazon knows about. I am still contemplating what to do with this, but thanks for the post that led me to it.

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