Raspberry Pi of Death Blog

By N. Leveck

On the Raspberry Pi of Anguish

On Thursday my friend is going to drop off a case for the Pi3 he bought for me that has an integrated 3.5" touch display. I have the Pi I purchased for this case sitting in a box with its power supply. My project for this Pi is Docker. I think I will install Arch Arm manually on an uSD card for this one. I want to explore Docker as a means of having walled applications that are not webfacing servers, just different environments to screw with.

Another project is my oldest daughter gave me a Samsung Note Edge. It is a few years old, and is a Verizon model. I have messed with it a bit on the 25th trying to root it. It will be a pain. It has a locked bootloader that relocks itself after you unlock it with a temp root from Kingo Root and adb under Win or Linux. I want to get TWRP recovery on this thing so I can try some firmware options. So this is project 2. In the mean time I am using my rooted Galaxy S5 running cyanogenmod 13 and no GAPPs.

In other news, the xorg on the Raspberry Pi of Justice (RPoJ) is doing truly awesome with Ratpoison. It is a gui that makes you forget about gui. I have it configured to use my tmux keybindings (ctrl+a as the escape key sequence). I have conky running as a statusbar. Even gaps -- simulated with borders. Still primarily using terminal. I have roxterm setup to open q as my browser in a new terminal tab when I click urls in less served up with ridi.

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