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By N. Leveck

On the new year and laptop sadness

Happy 2018 everyone!

So the FreeBSD plan did not pan out. My wifi chip is specifically on the "we do not want to work on this" list. So of course I had already installed a crippled system on the laptop by the time I found this out. Which led to what happened next...

The only live usb *nix I had handy was a Linux Mint drive I made for a friend. I tossed it in and voila everything worked. But then I was left with something that didn't appeal to me. The default install is very slick and shiny and hides too much of the underlying workings with this bling. So I slapped awesome wm on it and slimmed installed my regular compliment of things. I am also experimenting with gnu screen (for availability's sake) and have already done some playing with docker. Mostly the latter consisted of: docker pull nextcloud followed by the run command, followed by, hmmm, nifty. IDK how much I will use this, it is not something that will improve my offtime workflow. Maybe a containerized version of RPoD? There is way too much going on atop that PC at the moment... possibilities.

Which leads to an update on the Raspberry Pi of Anguish which was supposed to be the docker experiment. So, I bought this pi to go into a case a friend bought me that came with a 3.5" touch screen. The screen sucks. Too small to be useful and so power hungry it browns out the pi causing random lockups. So I bought another of my go-to cases0: all aluminum, full board heat-sink goodness with a low profile. So since I have no real project lined out for this pi now. So, I suppose it is a reserve pi...

This entire situation makes me want to think about what I actually want in a daily driver. Do I want a laptop? Is a 7" screen palmtop the ideal item? Got some thinking to do.

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