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By N. Leveck

On my music website and VPS

I have hosted my music website on godaddy for years. ~$8.00/month is what is costs me. I recently had my curiosity piqued when everyone on here seems to have a virtual private server. I was stuck in the past thinking, "how in the hell is everyone affording this?" So I investigated and found that it is now cheap as hell. So I purchased a $5/month plan from vultr and now need to move the site.

The existing site is apache/php5/mysql. I am investigating how I want to write the new site. I am leaning towards flat files for each album release, static and fast. Easy to maintain since I have full control of the server. I am planning on writing a script that generates static pages from the flat files, which I would run after modification. So no need to install and configure php or mysql... I am also going to be switching from Apache to Nginx.

I will use a modified version of the DNS update script I use on RPoD. This will ping godaddy's DNS servers triggered by cron to keep the site reachable (since I am not paying for a static IP).

I have installed FreeBSD on my VPS and will get started on the migration today.

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