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More on music website progress

What follows is for personal recollection, it most likely does not interest anyone else

Due to no default cgi functionality in nginx, I decided to stick with apache -- it'll do, pig. I have a semifunctional site so far using flat files and a simple cgi /bin/sh script to cat the correct files in the correct order depending upon QUERY_STRING. Still much more work to do. I need to split out each album release into its own file named for project name, catalog number, and year of release and create files for HTML container top and bottom to pre|append to the release files then dynamic lookup by cat number || year || project can be accomplished easily. I do not want to have to write HTML to add a release and I have about three releases I have been slowly working on...

I also have the DNS script prepared and staged. When executed namtaraum.productions, telerumination.namtaraum.productions, namtaraum.com, namtaräum.com, natanas.rocks, natanas.net, and ulsdetol.com will all point to the VPS.

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