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By N. Leveck

On Layout


I have written a new phlog script using troff that implements the look I desired. Taking a cue from Cat0, I decided to place a logo in the upper right corner. Unlike Cat, I am not wanting to craft each entry by hand. So, I troff the entry, then auto add some troff commands and head / tail, then troff again. Followed by sed to stick the logo in the right spot, row by row. This is damned sexy IMHO. (As of right now, there is some manual tweaking...)

This is all of course spurred on by the dbucklin phost on troff1. As I previously stated in my phost on 04 March2, I have a book coming that will hopefully get my troff usage a bit more advanced. I may be automating a re-format of all prior posts... but that'll be after I gain some more knowledge on this topic/tool.

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