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On Freetime


It seems like time runs at warp speed. You always hear that this is because as we age, a year represents less and less of our life as a percentage. It may also have to do with routine. You wake at a certain hour. You go to work. You engage in work activities. You go home. You eat. You engage in leisure pursuit. You sleep.

90 REM fuck it, another day down 
100 GOTO 1

I work for nine days in a row. Then I get five days off. Five days is a nice chunk of time. Such a nice chunk, that I do not take vacation. Ever. I use my 27 vacation days a year on my days off. One day of vacation used for each nine days worked. So, 26 nine day stretches, 27 vacation days. I am using my extra day in October to attend my daughter's wedding. Not really attend, I am officiating it.

Speaking of her getting married... Just a little bit ago she was a little kid. A bit of a nerd. Where has the time flown to? I have so many things I want to learn and do. I think I should concentrate on not being lazy. I need to read more books and less link agregation sites. Solderpunk wrote recently on rebuilding attention span0. I too would very much like to do so.

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