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By N. Leveck

On Redoing My Linux Android Tablet


I had encrypted my tablet the first go round. This proved to be a mistake as I could not then access my internal storage from twrp. So, I wiped all partitions, and restored a clean, pre-rooted image I found on XDA. This time I installed Super SU Pro, Root Essentials, Linux Deploy, the Official TWRP app, Total Commander, Busy Box, and ConnectBot. After that, I removed all google apps with Root Essentials. I had failures attempting to install the Linux Deploy Arch image, so I went with vanilla Debian. It feels wrong to install Arch from an image anyways.

After getting this installed and booted up, I installed vim, tmux, lynx, stow, and git to start off with. I cloned my private network git repo of my dotfiles, and stowed them. Voila. Lynx is the only web-browser on this device. It is purposely pretty damned distration free. I will be spending 3 weeks at a whack in North Dakota coming up pretty soon and wanted something light and simple to bring. This also has to do wih the attention span buiding and trying to avoid time wasting. I don't want my life to consist of endless web-surfing and my brain to be filled with the empty calories of the contents therein.

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