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On tcsh and more troff


Holy smokes! tcsh has some power to add to your workflow. I am following along with the book I purchased, "csh & tcsh" by Paul DuBois. I have made a new user on my tablet to experiment with. I learned stuff about jobs I never knew. I always new ctrl+z pauses, and fg/bg can then be used. But I never knew about the jobs command or using kill... But I digress. The command history modifications you can do are rad AF.

This book also had an example casually thrown in for the command reuse and modification section that used the tbl command. "What is that?", I wondered. Some badassery is what that is. This is best illustrated with a table... hold on let me hit ctrl+z...

|     Badassness    | 
|Before tbl |   1   | 
|After tbl  | >9000 | 

(could I have just embedded that into my main document, already written in troff? Probably... crap, that'd have been cooler.)

I think I may be having too much fun with unix... BTW IMHO "man tbl" on FreeBSD is better than "man tbl" on debian. Weird.

I should be getting my troff book sometime today. I cannot wait to learn how to not have to v ctrl+f (x10) x to get rid of the >100 blank lines groff adds to the bottom of my phlog entries with my current code. Surely it will be a simple code addition. I have held back from writing macros until I flesh out my troff skills.

Today is my eldest daughter's 21st birthday. I should likely stop nerding out and join in the familyness for a bit. Then it will be back to it :D

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