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By N. Leveck

On gopher self-sufficiency and RFCs


tomasino writes of being fed up with outages and changes without communication from SDF. I concur. He moved his phlog. IDK, man. I bilocate my phlog. The reason is that sdf offers a large pull. So all phlog entries live both there and my own server. Maybe I am just chickenshit... I read plenty of nonSDf phlogs daily. So my fear of being unread is likely baseless.

Maybe the biggest reason is that I reinstated my SDf membership after twenty years. I want to keep that account active. Unlike tomasino, I really only actively use gopher and mastodon on SDf. I will likely check into the other offerings, I just have not as of yet. So, I shall keep going with my paradigm. I would like to say, that I am stoked that you went the self hosting way, especially with an RPi. On the DNS front: doesn't SDF have a dns service? The registrar doesn't have a dns server api? I will admit ignorance on this. I have used godaddy to buy domains since the 90s. Sure, there are better options, but a plus is the DNS server api. I have a cron script to directly touch my DNS. I use the same thing on my VPS with 14 domains and subdomains.

On another topic, I have added a searchable RFC listing to RPoD. It is in the LOCAL CONTENT section1. You can scroll through the entire list, enter a number to filter the list, or grep by keyword or phrase. I hope that people find this useful. In the end, I did it to scratch an itch.


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