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On my console experiment


I have been running an experiment for the past few days. It involves consistent use of my android tablet running Debian0. This tablet has no Google apps, and no graphical web browser. It does have mupdf and Booky McBookface installed, and the android file-system is mounted under my Linux root in /mnt. I have given precedence to gopher over web, so for example phlogs over blogs, HN Gopher1 over Hacker News. I have also been wget'ing pod-casts directly to the android filesystem manually in order to consume that content. I am making myself use my phone if I think I need a graphical browser, which sucks. This has been pushing me back to console. The point of this is preparation for going to North Dakota for work soon. I wanted something clean and small form factor to take. The noproliferation of chargers and power adapters is also high on the list. In addition to the tablet, the following accessories are being taken: a robust folio style case with stand capabilities, a nice stylus, and a game controller form factor Bluetooth keyboard. I have written all phosts since 20180308 on this setup. So far, so good.

I am not a game player, at all. However, I am considering text based RPGs as a means of imagination building. I tend to be Spock-like and practical. I wish to open up to immersion in a space of my mind's creation. To a limited extent I do engage in this while reading fiction, but still limited. Have a good text based RPG suggestion? Reply to this phost via your phlog, or email leveck at leveck dot us.

UPDATE: specifically good text RPGs not requiring net access.

BTW I am trying to locate all active phlogs. Have a gander at the list here2 and if you see I am missing someone, let me know. Thanks in advance to anyone who actually does this.


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