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By N. Leveck

I Need To Change Gopher Servers


Gophernicus v97-101 does not respect HOST=gopher.leveck.us making directory listings completely fucking useless. I will be dumping Gophernicus soon. I am seeking suggestions as to what to go to. The server must use standard \t as the delimiter and support CGI apps. Let me know. (if you write a reply in email please use leveck@leveck.us, I rarely check my SDF email!)

EDIT HOST=???? WTH the line is: gopher stream tcp nowait nobody /usr/sbin/in.gophernicus \ in.gophernicus -no -h gopher.leveck.us

EDIT2 as pointed out by solderpunk on mastodon, it works for him under xinetd. I removed gophernicus from inetd, installed xinetd, reinstalled gophernicus 101 and voila. weird

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