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By N. Leveck

On interviews (re kichimi)


I've had interviews like kichimi mentions in his latest phost0 -assholes laying on stress. Last one was a programming job for the same company I work for (and was also working for at the time). I was flown across the US, had 5 interviews in the same day, and the last one was with this intense guy. After a build up he asks for psudocode to insert a record and perform a sort. Simple stuff, but I went tharn. Sweating and mumbing... failure. Fuck that guy. Like kichimi, I was glad not to get the job. More glad still when the layoffs came in 2008 and his department was heavy hit, while I survived. As a post-script I want to add that I was glad to survive the layoff with my employment intact, not that anyone else did lose their job. Families are laid-off, not individuals.


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