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On gopher proxies and search engines (again), hoarders, and gnu screen


ckeen's latest phost0 replies to kichimi's phost1 on having his server slammed with traffic. I wrote a phost last year about robots.txt2 and I believe all proxies should block www crawlers. However, I don't think that's what he's talking about. My server gets hammered pretty much all the time by hoarders. They either manually or more likely automated, download every file on my server. All ~2.5GB or so I have up on RPoD port 70. I toyed with blocking IPs, but it doesn't stop my kids from watching hulu, or my wife from streaming vlogs. I understand his chagrin at looking at his logs...

Gnu Screen

I never used screen back in the day. Only in the past year did I discover tmux. Today, I have decided to drop tmux for screen. "...but, the code is ugly, and it's outdated." meh. Simple copy+paste, simple reattachment, super availability, serial console if I want... yes please. So I have decided to be a heretic.


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