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By N. Leveck

On all-in-vim + git (pt 2)


Mappings in vim reading my roff template and calling groff and sed on the buffer when I'm ready. I created a git repo for my phlog on gitlab. RPoD git pulls to /var/gopher/phlog. I don't have access to git on SDF, so RPoD scp's to SDF. This is all called from with-in vim. I am not done by a long shot with how I want this to end up. Ideas galore are to be found in the vim plugin/script mega repo0.

On the topic of vim, I had a huge rolling text file that I kept notes in for work. I have moved this to vimwiki, after splitting out the daily entries to their own files. This was of course inspired by the dbucklin post1. Vimwiki has proven to be so useful that I am using it for my RPG stuff as well. I have ASCII character sheets, research files, etc. So damned sexy. I have the RPG page setup as bulleted lists folded under the main topics, and easy to navigate. I may have just had a vimgasm...


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