Raspberry Pi of Death Blog

By N. Leveck

On the ice age RPG project


I have, from the inception of my looking into playing table top RPGs, wanted to set my gaming in the last ice age (the Pleistocene). I have been researching the era. Reading thesis and treatise on the topic. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do... Last night I stumbled onto a game called Wurm0 which is set in that time. I bought the PDF and today printed it out duplex, in color, with thermal laminated cardstock covers. The plan now is to stick with plan A (Tunnels and Trolls as the system leaning towards cutting out magic, adding the political element, playing solo, my research continues, etc.), but to utilize content from Wurm such as the section on animals. I am also looking for nice hex maps of France and Germany (preferably as PDFs but whatever I can find is fine) if anyone knows where I could acquire something like that. Feeling pretty stoked about this endeavor. I find that in my off time the subject matter is quite compelling to me, and I am enjoying myself.


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