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By N. Leveck

World creation progress (Ice Age Campaign)


World creation is going swimmingly for the Ice Age Campaign. Map for the large area of concern (21,600 square miles) complete. Need many much smaller maps set in different biomes. I plan on reusing these maps, I have laminated the first one to improve longevity. Compelling catalog of seven tribes of three branches of the genus homo (homo sapiens sapiens cromagnon, homo sapiens neanderthalis, and homo erectus in the Lost World area) roughed in. Includes religion, any industry the tribe does as a collective, etc. An absolutely huge underground "Lost World" setting that may not even be triggered during play. I plan on exploring this solo if my daughter's group does not make it. Alliances and rivalries setup. I plan on using automotive valvestem caps (metal, skull shaped, with different colored dots of nail polish on their heads) as tokens on the smaller area location maps. The sizing is perfect for the hex paper I bought. Lots more work to do.

I am keeping this information in vimwiki, synced with gitlab accross multiple computers, written in pandoc markdown for ease of PDF generation. My plan is to have a large, reusable dosier in this setting for long term use. I do not want to use my laptop or tablets during play as I think it is distracting. Towards this end, everything will be printed.

Also on the docket is learning mechanics for Basic Fantasy RPG0. I still plan on using T&T1 for solo adventuring as the mechanics generally, but especially combat, are dead simple and do not get in the way. However, if I am going to GM for a group, I find my knowledge sorely lacking. Lots of reading in my future... maybe some 3x5 cards with quick reference information would help.


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