Raspberry Pi of Death Blog

By N. Leveck

On a mobile pencil and paper gaming setup


I have been constructing a mobile setup for solo RPG play. The goal is to not use electronics, stay small, not be messy nor distracting. The components of my setup are as follows: A blank sheet 3.5x5.5 Moleskine notebook0, a Staedtler plastic stencil (geometric shapes)1 cut down to fit in the Moleskine's pocket used to make hexes and other shapes, a distilled version of the deluxe Tunnels and Trolls rulebook2 I manually compiled out of my most referenced pages and turned into a pocketmod34 (manually, I do not use a Windows PC), a 1989 Mobile Yahtzee dice roller5 (keeps dice from going everywhere, anything over 5d6 I am hard setting to 3.5 for ease of use), and a Faber Castell perfect pencil6.

The goal of this rig is a go anywhere, small time taken, immagination boosting experience. I am hand drawing maps and tables in the Moleskine. Items such as this that will be referred to a lot, I am laminating in situ with clear self adhessive contact paper. The Mobile Yahtzee dice roller is silently rubbed across your thigh and is small and portable. I have still in my prep phase but I have adopted the "everything related to play IS play" viewpoint. I find myself drifting into daydreams about the game world. This is a rather large departure for me, and I quite like it.


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