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By N. Leveck

On fun rpg tools


In addition to the Mythic Game Master Emulator0 (I have the main oracle chart printed on a shipping label and stuck to a page in my mobile gaming Moleskine1), and other table based tools (such as The Tome of Adventure Design2), there are physical tools to aid us as well. I'd like to talk about two in this phost. The first is Rory's Story Cubes3, sets of dice that you can use to generate plots. I purchased the Voyages set4. I enjoy the open ended nature of these dice. The images on the 9d6 can be interpretted in any manner you'd like. This opens up scenarios you did not expect, motivations you had no idea of. 54 small, simple pictures and your imagination pretty rad. I fully plan on purchasing other sets after I have used these for a while. The thing is, you see the images you rolled thru the lens of the game world, the characters, and what has already happened. This cranks up the potency, and tends to keep them fresh even if you managed to roll the same exact images as you did a week ago.

The other tool I want to talk about is DungeonMorph dice5. These dice are produced by the same people that created the awesome hexographer software6. I purchased the Spelunker set. This features 30 cavern maps engraved on 5 one inch d6's. You may, of course, rotate and arrange them as you wish. It comes with material that tells you what the small letters represent on the dice. I think it is more fun to completely disregard this and fill in the blanks yourself. This dice set is great for one-off cavern-based play. Of course you could use them however you'd like.

I enjoy both of these tools, however, they do not fit in with my mobile/small/no-mess plan. I have already developed a work around: roll at home, photograph it, print it off 3x5", stick it in the moleskine for later.


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