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By N. Leveck

On mind free to roam


I have been thoroughly enjoying myself lately. The solo RPG project is a resounding success. I had to switch to an older moleskine cover due to the massive amount of tables and other materials I have glue-sticked into the notebook just being too much for the one I bought. One thing that has been indispensible is a group of tables0 transforming 3d6 to any other die -FERPS. This enables me to stick with my 30 year old mobile yahtzee die-roller and use Mythic GME, et al. I have been able to play at home and at work on my lunch break. My cromagnon chief and shaman characters are currently in a cave complex that unbeknownst to them is a 20,000 year old mine that was dug by a lost civilization of Neanderthals.

Shit is getting spicy...


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