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Responses to txminth


Responses to txminth's phlog entry of 201805290

RE: 1989 Milton Bradley Travel Yahtzee dice roller: This is a plastic shell which holds 5d6 dice. I posted a picture of it here1. More details: the 5d6 cannot fall out of the apparatus. They are captive in their own section of the roller. To actually roll the dice, you turn the apparatus upside down and rub it accross your hand or thigh. Since this was designed for Yahtzee, each single die can also be popped into a holding position that prevents it from being rolled.

RE: links in phlog posts: The URLs are in the format that lynx would use if you use lynx -dump URL. Personally, I use Gnu Screen to copy the URL from within lynx, then press g, and paste, hit enter, visit linked item. Super useful, very gopherish, let's people read related items if they desire, and easy.


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