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By N. Leveck

On abuse of the language -- "adulting"


All the time I hear people from Gen-X, Millenials, and Gen-Z say things to the effect of, "I need an adult." I really wish everyone would stop that. I have a millenial ex-marine, a country guy in his thirties, who is fond of saying this. You are adults. Being an adult is the default state. For the vast majority of your life, you will be an adult.

The information they are trying to convey is generally something along the lines of: "I need to be more responsible." or "I really need to learn this skill that would help me out in this situation." All big mistakes and questionable actions are typically committed by adults. Children do not have the resources to screw up anywhere near as baddly as adults do. Be concise as to what you are trying to say, words mean things.

I am just rubbed wrong by grown-ass people saying this word like I am supposed to give them credit for doing something basic. I agree with the write up on Jezebel0 on the topic. Every action has a consequence, consequences for your actions are yours alone to bear. I am not obligated to give you kudos for performing small, basic actions in your life.


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