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By N. Leveck

On vimwiki and the merger of 1436 and http


I have been looking into expanding my use of vimwiki for a while. It dawned on me yesterday that I wanted to expand the http server on leveck.us to include the html output of a vimwiki. A simple symlink later and it is live0. The symlink lives in my primary user account's home directory on RPoD and the actual vimwiki_html directory is in /var/www/html -- this is so git will pick it up with the rest of the site. I have been using vimwiki for a few months now for work and personal notes. Super easy and convienient.

This creates a new project for me: porting the wiki to 1436 (gopher). Awk or even sed would knock that out pretty quickly. All of the local content of my gopherhole can then be moved to the wiki. I may have just had another vimgasm...

I will be prudent and run the wiki in parallel with the RPoD gopherhole until it is satisfactory. There are some design choices to be made in this regard. I want the main gopher hole to be a menu, just like now. This'll be fun!


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