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On setting up a graphical user interface on the Raspberry Pi of Anguish


Raspbian by default has LXDE and openbox as its desktop environment and window manager. I am okay with this, it is resourse light and customizable. I spent some time tweaking colors, fonts, sizes, etc. and then dove into the config file to make my muscle memory not have to retrain,

First was eliminating Super_L mapped to lxmenuctl. I hate the windows key being lost for mappings as in i3wm on my thinkpad, windows+return is mapped to xterm. Next came mapping that same combo to that same app.

Next is a mapping to maximize with no window decoration, found this online, thanks to whomever posted this!

(in ~/.config/openbox/lxde-pi-rc.xml)

<keyboard> ... <keybind key="C-e"> <action name="If"> <maximized>yes</maximized> <then> <action name="Unmaximize"/> <action name="Decorate"/> </then> <else> <action name="Maximize"/> <action name="Undecorate"/> </else> </action> </keybind> ...

Many small edits and mappings to launch other programs such as tkremind and claws, and I am fairly satisfied.


The desktop

byobu in xterm

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