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By N. Leveck

On the Internet Archive as Backup


I have begun to backup my gopherhole to the Internet Archive. So far I have uploaded my 2017 phlog entries. The folks at the IA have fullfilled my request for a collection and it can be found here.

I have learned so far that I really should rename my files as .txt before uploading so the preview works. I also need to explore API and other means of automating uploads so as to integrate it with my phlog script. The intention is to store original content in this collection, but not worry about preserving the state of the gopher menus. This is too transient and would entail a lot of upkeep. So raw text files will be uploaded, and tagging will distinguish what they belong to.

If you would like to do something similar, note that you need > 50 items to qualify for a collection. Passing this qualification they are easy to work with and quite fast considering their workload.

I am pretty sure the Internet Archive will outlive me. As I previously wrote on this topic here, I have reevaluated my stand on the transience of what I write.

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