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By N. Leveck

Old-man observation and Wiki progress


On that feeling you get when you realize time is screaming by you

Days blend together, nine days of working skate on past, five days off go mach 3... wash, rinse, repeat. Like sedements stacking gradually ending up a mountain, life sneaks up on you.

Wiki progress

I had a road trip to northern Wyoming last days off and have been immersed in my Asatru research so have not had a lot of time to devote to the wiki project. Today I successfully wrote a script to suck http(s) and gopher links out of markdown and gopherize them. This is a huge step in having content shared across the protocols. I had already planned on implementing an intermediate page to shared content that linked to the content and also had the list of links leaving that content. I mentioned this was a thing Alex Schroeder does on with gopher/wiki cross polinated site in a post here or here.

Wiki Organization

I am leaning towards organic organization. Links on a main index, and hyperlinks to navigate and explore. No tagging. No extravagant lookup tables or databases... this seems very doable. The auto-link-sucker-gopherizer will come in handy for this.

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