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On where I find myself today


I find myself at home today. Right where I want to be.

Viking 10

I had given my RCA Viking 10 hybrid tablet (hybrid as in it has a detachable keyboard and looks like a netbook) to my daughter. I gave it to her because I really wanted a tablet I could root. As it turns out, out of town, the keyboard would be nice to have. Since she is not using it, I took it back and factory reset it. On a few people's recommentdation, I installed termux on it. You basically get the same functionality as you would with root and Linux Deploy.

So nice.

Having termux on android on a device like this is virtually identical to having a Linux laptop with X installed. I have the search hard button remapped to open termux, firefox is another hardbutton. Easy, and functional. I use the KISS launcher on all my Android devices as it is minimalistic and highly functional. In termux I have the style and storage addons installed and so my beloved djuvu font, dark solarized color scheme, and access to the android file system is all there. Did I mention no root required?

I am typing this on the Viking 10, ssh'd into the Raspberry Pi of Anguish since that is where the phlog wiki lives. However, I git cloned my dotfiles over to the Viking, so my highly customized .vimrc, etc. is present. I would miss my color scheme and shortcuts like ,d for datestamp... comma is my leader. I really wish I had function keys on this device, but I can work around it.

Old Norse

I started reading a course on Old Norse today. I am leaning towards this project as a long term goal. I'd like to ready the Eddas in their original form. It is a daunting thing. I have lived this long without being a polyglot. I just need to be firm of resolve and stick with it.

The next five days

I plan on spending the next few days getting ready for a week in North Dakota. This was the drive behind getting the Viking setup. I want to plan a spartan grouping of things to take. No bulk, no unecessary item.

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