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By N. Leveck

On the last day of freedom


I have to fly to North Dakota tomorrow for a week. At least it isn't for three weeks solid like the last time... but I still loath being away from home. I have a better idea this time round on things I want to take with me. I had it down to a science a decade ago, but that seems like another lifetime.

I have another fancy leather moleskine cover being delivered today. The notebook this is going on will be my Tomasino style "just write" notebook. I will give it a shot. I am also bringing my general Asatru moleskine (which currently has as its next blank page: 65). My Viking 10 tablet/netbook made the cut. I only have a couple of hours to myself on these trips, so I don't see myself gaming. Instead of books, I will be reading pdf files -- thanks to the Internet, I have a lot of material to get thru. This is one of the reasons I am taking notes...

I have some last minute shopping todo followed by packing. My work bag it already up there as I shipped it last week, less things to carry on the charter flight (they always have a strict weight limit for bags).

It'll go by fast and then days off again.

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