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Gopher stuff


In an email on the gopher mailing list, KatolaZ wrote about his gopher server, Gosher. It is a shell script that uses netcat to serve gopher. I live shell scripts, this I can sink my teeth into... I am working on a highly customized fork (I have added a function for directory listing for directories without a gophermap including a rudimentary content type detector so far, other changes swimming in my mind). As it is GPL 3, if I am successful and happy with my modifications (IE: it ends up working for what I want to do with it), I will release the code. Check out the preceding link, the script is chock full of ideas.

I am using this as the impetus to fully wiki-ize RPoD. The infrastructure I have in mind is vim, netcat, sed, awk, cat... the basics. I want to implement a chroot environment for the server to run in and need to figure out how to do things like request throttling. A simpler directory structure and the ability to decentralize cgi and more standardize my gopherhole is another boon. I am also going to play around with GPH (gopherfiles) instead of gophermaps. It seems like sed commands would be shorter. I will try not to break links to my gopherhole, we'll see. My phlog directory structure right now is a mess.

I will be reserrecting the Raspberry Pi of Judgement to be the test/development machine. I just need to get a new 32gb uSD card first... so for now the test bed lives on the Raspberry Pi of Anguish.

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